Video Biz Tip – Ways to Make Money During Live Events

Today I want to share with you ways of being prepared when you attend Live Events!  One HUGE mistake I’ve observed is that many people focus only on giving people their business card. WRONG!  Sure, give people your card if they ask for it but giving people your business card is NOT something you want to concentrate on doing.  You should be concentrating on RECEIVING other people’s business cards!

Now – what do you do with all of those cards?  Well, I talked about follow up in some of my recent videos and you really should go listen to those videos to know more about what you should actually be doing in your follow up from live events and networking events!

ways to make money during live eventsBut today, I’m talking about something different – I’m talking about being prepared to MAKE THE SALE!  To make and take MONEY when you are at Live Events. If you are a Coach, Consultant, an Author, a Speaker, or maybe you have a network marketing business, there’s probably something you can sell at a Live Event. It’s something you need to have on hand when you attend Live Events!  It’s an EASY YES OFFER!  The price point is less than $100.  The key is to be prepared to take money.

Sure you can accept cash or checks, but you NEED to be prepared to accept credit cards. Swipe attachments on your phone to accept credit cards is ok if you are selling jewelry or something like that. However, if you are an Author, a Coach, Consultant or a Speaker, you REALLY need a shopping cart and you need to have an Order Form!  Listen to the video to learn the various types of Order Forms you can create and have on hand and why this is a much better method than directing them to your website.

Keep the Order Form tucked away in your bag – it’s not something you are going to pass around like your business card.  But you need to have it ready if someone is a HOT PROSPECT! The EASY YES OFFER is the best way to go.


Check out the video below for more detail about the Ways to Make Money During Live Events!

Video Biz Tip: Ways to Make Money During Live Events!

You should come to one of my upcoming Live Events because this is where I really go DEEP with helping others create their EASY YES OFFER.  And it works!  Many of my clients have made money on the spot using this type of offer.  One of my clients at my July Live Big Event made $1,000 on the spot so I’ve seen in personal how powerful the EASY YES OFFER can be!

So come to one of my Live Events and learn this sales method!  My next Live Event is in November 2016 and it’s the Love & Money LIVE event.  It’s about getting more LOVE in your life and more MONEY in your business.  Go to to find out MORE and sign up!  If you don’t want to wait that long, I would love to work with you in a FREE strategy session ~ you’ll need to sign up for it here at . Or sign up on my email list for great tips. TAKE ACTION!  Go to

Now go MAKE SOME MONEY at Networking Events!

Talk you to again soon!

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