Video Biz Tip – Secrets to Creating Virtual Programs That Sell

In my quick video tip today, I want to share with you my Secrets to Creating Virtual Programs That Sell ~ hosting your own virtual programs.  These are Group programs, they can be done via phone, video or webinar.

secrets to create your virtual programsThis was a big topic of interest with many of the members of my Live Big Mastermind group at our retreat a couple of weeks ago. Many of the questions were around converting one-on-one programs and local programs to a virtual program so they can reach more people globally.  They wanted to know how to change from trading dollars for hours and move beyond just serving people locally.

So here are my tips to creating those Virtual Programs:

  1. MindsetGet Over Your Over- Thinking – you may think that what you have to offer is just not good enough or compelling enough.  Or you may be thinking it won’t serve the needs of people when created virtually. Get Over It.  Unless you are a hands on practitioner, you CAN do create a great virtual program.  Case in point, I have a client who is a piano teacher and they produce learning videos.  You don’t have to necessarily provide services in person these days.  You just have to get comfortable creating virtual programs.  It will save you time and freedom in your schedule and allow you more leverage in paid opportunities.  Simply stated – make more money in a shorter amount of time!
  2. Technology – don’t let the fear of learning a new technology hold you back.  Figure out what you need to learn.  Technology has advanced and is more user friendly.
  3. Knowledge of How to Create your Program – start with your Signature System.  Do you take people through a process or modules that you use to teach or coach people?  You may need some help brainstorming with someone to pull out the information to create your Signature System.  Then you design the Program around it.

The bottom line is this – You can make more money in a different way in a different business model if you’ll just start.  Don’t make excuses – forget “it’s just not the right time”, don’t wait until next year.

Check out the video below for more detail about my Secrets to Creating Virtual Programs That Sell!

Video Biz Tip: Secrets to Creating Virtual Programs That Sell !

I share tons of information about this topic in my one-on-one coaching and also at my Live Big Events. I’m all about the how and I’ll tell you how!

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Don’t wait, don’t think about it for a month – just DO IT!

Talk you to again soon!

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