About Katrina Sawa, The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach

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Meet Kat

Katrina Sawa is known as The JumpStart Your Biz Coach because she literally kicks her clients and their businesses into high gear.  She works with highly motivated women entrepreneurs (and a few men!) who want to maximize and fast-track their business to make more money and enjoy more free time.  Katrina uses online and offline Relationship Marketing Systems & Strategies to leverage your resources, contacts and your expertise; plus she kicks you in the butt to implement it all too! She does a whole lot more than just marketing coaching these days however, she looks at your entire business from the big picture all the way down to the nitty gritty detail of what you need to do and say to start up, grow and market your business.[/st_text][/st_column][st_column span=”span5″ id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a472dc24a” ][st_spacer id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a472d8bf0″ ][/st_spacer][st_video el_title=”Video of Kat Sharing More About Herself” video_source_link_youtube=”https://youtu.be/kNInvBBiIpo” video_youtube_dimension_height=”350″ video_youtube_rel=”0″ video_youtube_showinfo=”0″ video_alignment=”right” video_margin_bottom=”32″ wrapper_padding_top=”0″ wrapper_padding_left=”0″ wrapper_padding_bottom=”0″ wrapper_padding_right=”0″ wrapper_bg_opacity_slider=”” video_sources=”youtube” id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a472dba8e” ][/st_video][/st_column][st_column span=”span1″ id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a472de971″ ][/st_column][/st_row][st_row width=”wide” background=”solid” solid_color_value=”#000000″ border_width_value_=”1″ border_color=”#000000″ div_padding_top=”3″ div_padding_left=”10″ div_padding_bottom=”3″ div_padding_right=”10″ id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a472e5d86″ ][st_column span=”span12″ id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a472e55ce” ][st_heading el_title=”“I believe you need to build your business the ” text_align=”center” normal_font_color=”#daa637″ normal_font_size=”32″ wrapper_padding_top=”0″ wrapper_padding_left=”60″ wrapper_padding_bottom=”0″ wrapper_padding_right=”60″ wrapper_bg_opacity_slider=”” div_margin_top=”5″ div_margin_left=”” div_margin_bottom=”25″ div_margin_right=”” id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a472e4e09″ ]“I believe you need to build your business the right way from the start if you’re really SERIOUS and want to make a LOT more MONEY doing what you LOVE!” – Katrina Sawa[/st_heading][/st_column][/st_row][st_row width=”wide” background=”image” image=”http://ksawamarketing.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/KS_Home_opt_in___video_background-cropped1159.png” div_padding_top=”30″ div_padding_bottom=”40″ id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a472f178e” ][st_column span=”span1″ id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a472ea355″ ][/st_column][st_column span=”span10″ id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a472eecfa” ][st_text el_title=”Taking Action in Faith” text_margin_left=”15″ text_margin_right=”15″ wrapper_padding_top=”0″ wrapper_padding_left=”15″ wrapper_padding_bottom=”0″ wrapper_padding_right=”0″ wrapper_bg_color=”#ffffff” wrapper_bg_opacity_slider=”” wrapper_bg_opacity=”84″ id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a472ee53d” ]

Taking Action in Complete Faith

When I first started my business, I was trading hour for dollar with clients in a typical marketing consulting business. I had some clients on retainer and some just paid me when they needed me. All of my income however depended on how many hours I worked. Can you relate?

Obviously with that type of business model it was hard to get ahead (or take a vacation!), even with raising my rates every so often.

Plus, in addition to that, I was living in an unhappy marriage with a husband who wasn’t very supportive of me being an entrepreneur. He was always worried about the roller coaster of income and he would worry when I wanted to invest money back into my business which I knew I needed to do to learn and grow.

Not too supportive huh? That’s where the concepts for my book, Love Yourself Successful, came from. I learned soon after that so many of my clients were going through the same lack of support in their lives as well.

My hope is that this DOESN’T sound familiar to you but I do unfortunately see this all the time with my coaching clients and it literally breaks my heart. I stopped settling and broke free of that marriage in 2005 and have increased my business every year since.

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Now I live the life of my dreams!

I have a business that I’m passionate about, helping other entrepreneurs make money doing what they’re passionate about. I am married to a man who adores me and who is the perfect fit for me. He and his beautiful little daughter light up my life and are now my “big why”.

But it wasn’t such an easy road for the three of us, 6 months after we started dating I discovered that I had to have two total hip replacements done – big surgeries that I did both in 2013. After I got up and running after that second one, he was diagnosed with cancer that he beat thankfully but it was not an easy 2014 either!

In those two years it really solidified in my mind the crucial aspect of having systems in your business! If I hadn’t had a small team of people plus massive systems for lead generation, marketing, follow up and sales I would have lost about half my income for about an 18 month period.

This is important for you to read (and most importantly to ‘hear’) because if you’re still trading hours for dollars, or still working in a job that you hate or feel like there’s more to life than what you’re living now even if you’re already in your own business….then YOU’RE RIGHT! You could be SETTLING!

Let me help you and show you how to transform your life, your new business or even your existing business into a smooth-running, PROFITABLE and SUSTAINABLE business doing what you ABSOLUTELY LOVE to do!![/st_text][st_spacer height=”16″ id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a47308f6f” ][/st_spacer][/st_column][st_column span=”span3″ id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a4730fffa” ][st_spacer id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a4730c998″ ][/st_spacer][st_image el_title=”Wedding Pic” image_file=”http://ksawamarketing.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/IMG_5510-e1487311695686.jpg” image_file_button=”” image_size_wrapper=”” image_size=”full” wrapper_padding_top=”0″ wrapper_padding_left=”0″ wrapper_padding_bottom=”0″ wrapper_padding_right=”0″ wrapper_bg_opacity_slider=”” id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a4730f83a” ][/st_image][/st_column][st_column span=”span1″ id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a473122d4″ ][/st_column][/st_row][st_row width=”wide” background=”solid” solid_color_value=”#c8c5c5″ border_width_value_=”1″ border_color=”#000000″ div_padding_top=”3″ div_padding_left=”10″ div_padding_bottom=”3″ div_padding_right=”10″ id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a4732c906″ ][st_column span=”span1″ id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a47316c82″ ][/st_column][st_column span=”span5″ id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a4731d538″ ][st_spacer el_title=”spacer” height=”25″ id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a4731aa86″ ][/st_spacer][st_text el_title=”Live Big Events general brief promo box ” text_margin_left=”10″ text_margin_right=”10″ wrapper_padding_top=”0″ wrapper_padding_left=”0″ wrapper_padding_bottom=”0″ wrapper_padding_right=”0″ wrapper_bg_opacity_slider=”” id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a4731cd70″ ]

Ready to get a JUMPSTART in your business Right Now? Then go find out when Kat’s next live event is, it’s the #1 Business & Marketing Training you’ll want to attend this year!

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How I Can Help You

I love to work with small and home based entrepreneurs on developing creative, effective and affordable RELATIONSHIP & INTERACTIVE Marketing & Follow Up Systems in your business. I work with clients one-on-one or in groups to brainstorm, develop, design, coordinate and implement all your big picture business and marketing activities – AND TO DESIGN THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS!

But one thing you DON’T want to do is WAIT to talk to me about your business. Many small business owners think, “Well, I’ll wait until I get my website up, my products and services in place or I’ll wait until I figure out WHAT I want to do first and THEN I’ll contact you.”

Big Mistake!

Don’t waste time and money, talk to me first in a complimentary Jumpstart Your Business Session to find out what else is possible for you and get the direct guidance you’re searching forSign up here now!

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More About Kat

An avid scrabble and card player, wine fan, jewelry crafter, amusement park goer and entertainer, Katrina enjoys the sunshine of Northern California.

She grew up not too far from the Sacramento area in Vacaville, California out in the country where her family had to tend to cows and chickens. (It wasn’t exactly Kat’s desired lifestyle!)

She received her B.S. in Business, Marketing Concentration, from California State University, Sacramento in 1993 where she was one of 17 founding members of Sigma Omega Chi Sorority.

Katrina currently lives in Orangevale, California (near Sacramento) with her husband Jason and his beautiful daughter Riley and their German Shepherd Willow.

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Take the Jumpstart Your Biz Quiz Now to See

If You’re Missing Anything in Your Biz!

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Katrina has taught me marketing strategies that WORK! In just a few months, I implemented a long over-due email campaign, created new products, sold new services and made connections with more clients than ever before. Katrina is someone I trust completely to guide me in my business offerings and I highly recommend her.”[/st_item_testimonial][st_item_testimonial elm_title=”Miranda Zukowski” job_title=”The Fitness Coach for Entrepreneurs” web_url=”http://www.mirzukfitness.com” image_file=”http://ksawamarketing.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Miranda_Zukowski_MirZukFitness.jpg” id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a473a124d” ]Before I met Katrina, I was a personal trainer/ group fitness instructor in Manhattan running around like a madwoman all day long. By the time I came home I had just about enough energy to stare at the wall and drool. I knew I couldn’t go on like this forever. And I was planning on having a child, so my time for running around was about to be, well, cut out completely. How was I going to make more money than I was making, and work less??? I had no idea, and I am so fortunate that I stumbled into Katrina Sawa! She spelled out exactly what I needed to do, step by step, and supported me along the way. Before I knew it, I had launched my first online fitness program, and it was successful! Before I met Katrina, I would never have thought I could do this, but she prompted me to keep taking steps, whether I thought I could or not! I now run fun and effective online fitness programs regularly and end up helping many more people in much less time! And I have plenty of time to spend with my son :)[/st_item_testimonial][st_item_testimonial elm_title=” Lisa Lemus” job_title=”(formerly with) AP Products” web_url=”http://www.approductshome.com” image_file=”http://ksawamarketing.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/LisaLemus1.jpg” id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a473a2d6c” ]“I have recently had the absolute pleasure to work with Katrina Sawa to breathe some new life into our marketing and sales focus.  Wow!!  What a difference just even four months so far makes!  In that four months, between our 1 on 1 strategy calls and an amazingly beneficial ½ day planning session, we were really able to map out the direction that we wanted to go.  The ½ day session was intense and so incredibly productive, the ideas and thoughts just seemed to come forward effortlessly for Kat who was focused and on point with what we wanted to accomplish. Katrina was able to take a peek into our business life and help us work smarter, not harder!  Even right down to simplifying and updating our order taking / accounting processes, getting everything into one place!  Talk about a timesaver! I sincerely feel much more confident now with our efforts both online and offline in our marketing and how we can easily generate leads through multiple strategies we have implemented because now we know how to do it all!  We are even delegating too! Thank you, Katrina for your top notch and invaluable services!”[/st_item_testimonial][st_item_testimonial elm_title=”Dorris Burch” job_title=”Dorris Burch” web_url=”http://www.DorrisBurch.com” image_file=”http://ksawamarketing.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/DorrisBurch.jpg” id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a473a488b” ]Katrina is a master at internet marketing. It was Katrina that introduce me to having a business that can be global and mobile. She gave me the tools to launch and build my online empire and create my very first tele-seminar that feature me interviewing top 6 & 7 figure women entrepreneurs including Kat the Kat-alyst herself.  All of this has allowed me to receive and sell $10,000 coaching program within a week. I would not be the entrepreneur I AM today if it weren’t for my coaching session and connection with Katrina. I highly recommend working with her if you are serious about becoming successful and abundantly prosperous in your life.[/st_item_testimonial][st_item_testimonial elm_title=”Rebekah Richards” job_title=”Strategic Marketing Consulting & Services” web_url=”http://www.JuceboxLocalMarketingPartners.com” image_file=”http://ksawamarketing.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/RebekahRichards.jpg” id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a473a63a9″ ]The first time I ever heard of Katrina, one of her coaching clients was giving a glowing review of how she had helped her turn her business around at a Loral Lengemeier event that Katrina had just spoken at. Shortly after I purchased her Love Yourself Successful book when it came out and went to her website as the book instructed to take advantage of her free goodies. Because of her amazing follow up, I signed up for her 6 week Jumpstart Your Business group coaching program.
Katrina talks fast and gets right down to business. I have a notebook filled with several pages of notes on actions and recommendations she gave for my business website, lead generation strategies, my brochure and direct mail piece, networking, determining how to get paid, places to look for clients, using Facebook, effective follow up…..I could go on! Katrina knows A LOT about marketing and she is willing to share it ALL. I made a lot of progress during my coaching, gained a lot of knowledge, and made progress on getting systems in place in my business. What I appreciate most about Katrina is that she has mastered the most important sales systems: lead generation, appointment setting and lead conversion and she walks the talk. Just enter her funnel by opting into her list and see a master at work! I also appreciate her warmth and friendliness when I see her in person and that she continues to follow up even when the class is over. If you are looking for accountability, systems and a ton of solid business advice, Katrina’s your girl.[/st_item_testimonial][st_item_testimonial elm_title=”Laurie Ratto” job_title=”RN, HTCP” company=”Clinical Aromatherapist, Alameda, CA” web_url=”http://www.mindandbodymethod.com” image_file=”http://ksawamarketing.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/LaurieRatto.png” id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a473a7e38″ ]“Katrina is a wealth of information and strategy.  She helped me develop my first comprehensive program so client’s received both healing sessions and products in the package so they received more benefits and I am working smarter instead of harder. She also helped me to realize my value and charge more.  I was able to increase my mailing list at networking events using strategies she gave me. Her only weakness is she has so much to share sometimes my head wanted to pop while taking it all in!  She was also available in between calls which was great as different opportunities presented themselves.  Sometimes these opportunities were not a good fit and I would have been wasting my time, she kept me focused on areas that aligned with my mission and would generate more revenue. I enjoyed being a part of her mastermind group and learned a lot.”[/st_item_testimonial][st_item_testimonial elm_title=”David Greenwood” job_title=”Hypnotherapy ” company=”Greenwood Hypnotherapy ” web_url=”http://www.GreenwoodHypnotherapy.com” image_file=”http://ksawamarketing.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/DavidGreen.jpg” id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a473a9949″ ]I first met Katrina back in 2005 when I was starting up my business in Folsom. She gave me so much information and ideas that I have been continuously using them for the last 8 years! Of course I consulted with her since that time, but one of the things that I am so grateful for is that she is still here!  Still helping people grow their business.  Still offering her services and willing to help out when needed.  She helped me not only with my local hypnotherapy services, but also helped me launch my hypnosis CDs and mp3 recordings on a national scale. I can’t tell you how many times over the last 8 years I have been frustrated by services that have come and gone and now offer no support or encouragement.  She has always been there for me and I greatly appreciate the fact that her steady support and services will be there in the future as well.  In fact, I received so much pertinent data from her that I am still implementing what she suggested 8 years ago. Not that I have been ignoring what she originally said, it’s just that she gave me so many valuable insights and suggestions that it could take years to implement all of them.  And that was a great way to grow my business at a rate that suited my needs.  There are so many aspects to having your own business that it is comforting to know that when I am ready to take the next step that she is there with the knowledge and the plan to help me achieve those goals.  If you are ready to move forward with your business, please give her a call and let her help you become even more successful.[/st_item_testimonial][st_item_testimonial elm_title=”Wendy Vineyard” job_title=”Your Coach for Mastering Menopause” company=”Natural Menopause Now ” web_url=”http://www.NaturalMenopauseNow.com” image_file=”http://ksawamarketing.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/WendyVineyardsm.jpg” image_file_button=”” id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a473ab467″ ]I’ve taken many online and in-person marketing workshops, seminars and coaching over the years so I recognize when a trainer’s primary motivation comes from a genuine desire to help others vs. satisfying their ego or their bank account.Katrina Sawa is the real deal! Marketing secrets that I’ve heard from no one else, and practical spot-on, step-by-step advice flows from her like it’s channeled from a higher power! And Katrina doesn’t hold back. She generously shares all she has with her customers. As someone whose marketing was hit and miss, at best, until I found Katrina, I’m loyal to her for her honest insights and genuine desire to help me bring my gifts to the world. She has inspired me to believe in myself and my mission, think bigger, create my marketing plan, focus on specific revenue generating activities every day and start building a team to help me grow my business. Thank you Katrina![/st_item_testimonial][/st_testimonial][/st_column_3][st_column_3 span=”span6″ id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a473b195b” ][st_image el_title=”Community Pic” image_file=”http://ksawamarketing.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/July2016EventGroupImageFromStage.png” image_file_button=”” image_size_wrapper=”” image_size=”full” wrapper_padding_top=”0″ wrapper_padding_left=”0″ wrapper_padding_bottom=”0″ wrapper_padding_right=”0″ wrapper_bg_opacity_slider=”” id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a473b119d” ][/st_image][/st_column_3][/st_row_3][/st_column_2][/st_row_2][/st_column][/st_row][st_row gradient_color=”0% #FFFFFF,100% #000000″ gradient_direction=”vertical” img_repeat=”full” 1=”video_url_mp4″ autoplay=”yes” child_of=”none” div_padding_top=”10″ div_padding_bottom=”10″ div_padding_right=”10″ div_padding_left=”10″ id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a473c4b58″ ][st_column span=”span12″ id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a473c439f” ][st_html div_margin_bottom=”25″ wrapper_padding_top=”0″ wrapper_padding_left=”0″ wrapper_padding_bottom=”0″ wrapper_padding_right=”0″ wrapper_bg_opacity_slider=”” id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a473c3be2″ ][st_carousel div_margin_bottom=”25″ show_indicator=”no” show_arrows=”no” automatic_cycling=”yes” cycling_interval=”4″ pause_mouseover=”no” wrapper_padding_top=”0″ wrapper_padding_left=”0″ wrapper_padding_bottom=”0″ wrapper_padding_right=”0″ wrapper_bg_opacity_slider=”” id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a473c3425″ ][st_item_carousel image_file=”http://ksawamarketing.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/media1-1.jpg” heading=”” id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a473c1532″ ][/st_item_carousel][st_item_carousel image_file=”http://ksawamarketing.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/media2.jpg” heading=”” id_wrapper=”elm_59a0a473c2c6d” ][/st_item_carousel][/st_carousel][/st_html][/st_column][/st_row]